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What is a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

To be candid, it is a personal injury lawyer with a desire to handle motorcycle injury accidents. Sometimes the personal injury lawyer fancies himself or herself as a "biker" and, as a result of their love for the ride, they want to represent persons injure from a motorcycle accident.

Is there a Specialty in Motorcycle Accident Injury Law?

No - There is no specialty in motorcycle litigation. There are specialties offered by some bar associations in some areas that would naturally cover motorcycle accident litigation and, for those states where there is no specialty offered by the state, there is a Civil Trial Law Specialization offered by the NBTA.

Is There a Difference in the Law Between a Motorcycle Accident and a Car Accident?

In the law? Maybe just a little and it is found here. When a serious motorcycle accident happens there is high probability that there will be a head injury of some type of serious bodily injury. Unfortunately, riders do not always wear motorcycle helmets when they ride. Clearly, when you ride without a helmet, you are at risk. When what is called a close head injury happens, it is not always apparent. A MRI may, in fact, be normal, but still there is a permanent head injury. This is often proved by something called neuro-psychological testing usually performed by a neuro-psychologist. The defense will usually challenge the expert witness because the "science" may be sometimes a bit thin and if the defense is successful in such a challenge, then you can lose your large pieces of evidence Other than this point, there is really no difference in motorcycle injury laws.